Who I am?

When I was a teenager I started to massage people. I was feeling physical and emotional pains without realizing it and was able to relieve pain. But these pains started to affect me. So when I was a student in ergonomics, I started to train in energy, mostly with the quantum physicist Patrick Drouot.

My energy feelings and desire to work as a professional began to grow. I decided to create my own structure in 2014.

Since that time many things have change in my practice, I have learned different techniques (family constellations, microkinesitherapy...), read about energy (Barbara Ann Brennan, Bert Hellinger...), try to understand origin of current problems (physical, emotional, energetic...) and how to help people to discover their own paths.

What are the main reasons to have an energy healing session?

If you have a problem that comes up all the time or feel than even if you try to do your best somethings always goes wrong and you fail to achieve your goals.

Subtle bodies according to Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light)
Subtle bodies according to Barbara Ann Brennan (Hands of Light)

How does an energy healing session works?

The healing session can be heald at my office in Cleromnt-Ferrand or by Skype.

During the first part we talk together. My goal is to understand your way of thinking, your background (personal and family life, physical, emotional and energetical issues...), to grasp how you currently feel about all of those issues and to begin the energetic work.

I will then ask you to settle in a comfortable, quiet place to receive the energy healing. The treatment works on different aspects (physical pain, unconscious, mental patterns, energy rebalancing...). At the end of the session, we talk about what you have perceived during the energy healing process.


How much does a session cost? 

A session costs 40€/h.
Usually a session lasts 2h and costs 80€.


How can you pay an energy healing session?

You can use Paypal (, +5€ for the paypal tax, button bellow), TransferWise or a bank transfer.